A wee spatter of spam poetry

4 10 2016


It’s been too long—though many would argue, I don’t doubt, nowhere long enough—since ‘Cynthia Mershark’ last honoured us with a sample of her poetry, lovingly assembled from the texts of spam emails she’s received. So here, to slake that very probably nonexistent thirst, is a piece of merciful brevity—a soupçon, a smidgen, a shot—for your consideration. Or something.


I extremely recommend you avoid the less expensive choices

by Cynthia Mershark

 A child should spend time on ground
showcasing a curvesome, symmetrical account
or perhaps an inequality of the muscular tissues.




2 responses

8 10 2016

The single syllable words of the first line flow effortlessly into the multi-syllabic second and third lines. The inequality of the lines brilliantly encapsulates the ‘inequality of the muscular tissues’, as the gym grunt of line one is replaced by the springing multiplicity of those two later lines. It’s part trampoline and part bench press, Cynthia, and one can but envy both your curve ball and your cunning, nay, Vogonic, mastery of form.

8 10 2016

It’s often surprising how finely-crafted some of Cynthia’s offerings can be. Though I do sometimes wish she was capable of a little more focus …

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