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12 10 2016

I noticed something, today, about two books in my TBR pile. They’re both, as it happens, Scandinavian crime (Iceland and Sweden respectively), but I don’t think that exactly explains the thing I noticed. It’s probably easiest if I show you:

Or, wait, let me rotate one of those for you:

Um, how does this happen? In two books of Nordic crime both first published (in English) in 2012?

That’s a rhetorical question, mainly, because the answer’s reasonably obvious. It’s an effect of reliance on Shutterstock and similar online photo warehouses. The Internet makes possible many things, including the inadvertent duplication of cover images …




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12 10 2016

It’s happened to me twice. The irony is that the cover of Wolfborn, which was identical to that of a European crime novel except the wolf was red instead of orange and facing the other way, was shortlisted for a design award!

13 10 2016

I think I’ve seen the Wolfborn doppelganger, now that you mention it … Liza Marklund, wasn’t it?
The oddest instance (of cover image duplication) I’ve encountered, though, is that it’s cropped up in the covers of a pair of unrelated books for which I did the text layout — though I didn’t have anything to do with the cover design in either case, or else I would have said something!

13 10 2016

Yes, that’s the one. And I’m not surprised about the unrelated books with the same cover. If the publisher likes the photo, it’s used, appropriate or not. 😉

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