Two Dimension6-flavoured announcements

23 11 2016

My procrastinative tendencies have, on this occasion, ensured that I have not only (1) a general but also (2) a specific item of news regarding Keith Stevenson’s Dimension6 project, which I shall reveal without further delay:

(1) The latest annual collection of fiction from the e-pages of Dimension6, which would, naturally enough, be the 2016 annual collection, has been out since around the start of this month. It can be purchased, in epub and mobi formats, for 99c (AUD) from the coeur de lion website, but if you would prefer to obtain it from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Kobo, that’s possible too. The collection includes my novelette ‘All the Colours of the Tomato’ alongside the work of nine other specfic writers.


(Spoiler alert: it’s also eminently possible to download the three individual issues of D6 for this year, comprising exactly the same set of stories, at zero cost; but purchasing the collection does that useful ‘supporting the creators’ thing which helps to ensure that Keith is motivated to keep the zine going. Your call.)

(2) I’m tickled pink, or at least very happy, to be able to announce that my abduction-by-flying-car novelette ‘November 31st is World Peace Day’ has been accepted for Dimension6‘s July 2017 issue. (Which means, among other things, that I’d better see about writing some more fiction, or the cupboard will be bare …)




3 responses

23 11 2016
Sue Bursztynski (@SueBursztynski)

Congratulations, Psi! But I must admit, your name is the only one on that list I recognise.

23 11 2016

‘Thoraiya Dyer’ should ring a bell, surely? And Jeremy Szal and Emily Collyer, at least?

24 11 2016
Sue Bursztynski (@SueBursztynski)

I wasn’t looking properly. Yes, Thoraiya indeed. Jeremy…not sure. Emily? Nope!

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