Quasi-obligatory annual summary post

2 01 2017

I didn’t get as much done in 2016 as I would’ve hoped: my Dimension6 xenobiology-puzzle novelette ‘All the Colours of the Tomato’ came out in October, as did my AntipodeanSF flash fiction ‘Jumping to Conclusions’. I sold one story, my abduction-with-flying-car novelette ‘November the 31st is World Peace Day’, again to Dimension6, and I completed just one new story, my SF mystery novella ‘Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body’, in January, and again in May (when it was somewhat longer), and again in December (when it became somewhat longer again); it’s now twice as long as it was when it was first finished. And I started several other pieces I assured myself I’d finish, and haven’t yet.

I did the print layout and e-book formatting for four books: Adam Browne’s The Tame Animals of Saturn, Sean O’Leary’s Walking (which I also edited) (both Peggy Bright Books), Imogen Howson’s Fire and Shadow (Dragonwell Publishing),  and Ripley Patton’s Ghost Hope. I also tackled cover design on Adam’s and Sean’s books: while I don’t think my cover design abilities are ever going to be one of my strengths, I’m pleased with the way the two covers worked out, and I hope I can do as well next time around. Oh, and I also fumbled my way through assembling an e-book box set of the four titles in Ripley’s Psyche Sans Soma sequence.

And I reviewed quite a few books, to the extent that this website is starting to look like a book blog, which it actually isn’t.

This year—and I shall have to stop thinking of it as ‘next year’—I intend to read less, to eat less, to earn less, to work less, to write more, to risk more, and to see a few things through to completion.

None of these are promises, mind, and all policies subject to revision without notice.




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