It’s that time of year again …

16 02 2017

… which it usually is, at this time of year.

I speak, of course, of awards-nomination season.

I haven’t produced much, myself, of awardish eligibility this year past: just one novelette (‘All the Colours of the Tomato’, in Dimension6 issue 9, which is a free download, and therefore excellent value for money) and one (very) short story (‘Jumping to Conclusions’, in AntipodeanSF issue 219; also free to read). It also seems appropriate to tout Adam Browne’s almost-uncategorisable illustrated-novella-length work The Tame Animals of Saturn (published by Peggy Bright Books), for which I did the typesetting.


In Australia, the Ditmar Awards are open until 11th March 2017: a full(ish) list of eligible works is on the Ditmar website here, and nominations can be made here. According to the rules, you must be a natural person, active in fandom, or a member of this year’s Australian Natcon, or possibly a cat, in order to nominate.

In New Zealand, the Sir Julius Vogel Awards are open until 31st March 2017: this site is the online nomination form, but if that link doesn’t work, there’s also the opportunity to send in nominations by email, as detailed on the main SJV webpage (ie the first link in this paragraph). Anyone can nominate, possibly even small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.

And the Hugos are open as well, until 17th March 2017. You need to be a member of last year’s, this year’s, or next year’s Worldcon in order to nominate for these.

It should go without saying that you should only nominate work that you genuinely loved; and, naturally, it’s important that it be your individual decision, because that helps to ensure the diversity and the depth of the ballot. If you’re going to nominate, try to read as widely as possible from the material eligible for a given award, and don’t restrict yourself to any one list of recommendations.




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