And just for a change, a book review

18 02 2017

I don’t seem to receive many reviews nowadays, so it’s always a bit of an occasion when I encounter a review of my work in the wild. This week, a review of my first collection (Rare Unsigned Copy) popped up on Suz’s Space, the booksite of reader/bookseller Suzie Eisfelder. Here’s a snippet (I’ll refrain from reposting the whole thing, but if you’re curious you can read it at the link above):

Good writing, sometimes very funny writing and sometimes not funny. The first story, The Day of the Carrot, had me in fits … if you like science fiction and puns then this book is for you.





2 responses

18 02 2017
Sue Bursztynski (@SueBursztynski)

It’s always nice when, long after you were expecting reviews, one pops up. I got a recent excellent retro-review of Wolfborn from our friend Tehani, which was nice, because she gave it two different reviews when it came out, for two web sites.

This is a point I make when I apologise to publicists for taking so long. 😉

19 02 2017

This is what I specialise in, generally doing reviews long after the author is dead. I made an exception in your case, I believe you’re still alive unless you’re writing from beyond the grave. A talent I wouldn’t put past you.

I do have a slight correction, though. I don’t sell books any more. It’s sad but it’s one of those things.

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