Matters up for review, again

25 10 2017

There have been a couple more reviews of Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body, and an associated interview. As per standard operating procedures, I’ll quote brief excerpts from each, alongside links to the full article on the original website concerned.


Dawn Meredith’s review, on her SpeckFick site, says ‘I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. Petrie’s writing just gets better and better all the timeI very much enjoyed the world that was created and was invested in the character discovering the answers for which she so diligently searched.’ Here’s the full review.

Faith Jones’s review, on her ‘Having Faith’ book blog, says ‘There’s logic to this – and reality. I liked the flight over the dunes and the argument with the computer, which was a device to show the investigator’s determined character and refusal to be sabotaged within sight of the answer. This is what our future in space might genuinely turn out like …The full review is here.

And Cindy Bohn, who reviewed Matters Arising a couple of months ago on her ‘Speedy Reader’ book blog, has now interviewed me for her blog. You can read the interview here, and if you’re looking for her review, it’s here.




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