Eligible fiction of 2017 (by me)

9 12 2017

To add to the rounds of author posts announcing their award-eligible fiction of the year now almost past, here’s mine. These are eligible for the Sir Julius Vogel, Ditmar, Hugo, and Nebula awards, and possibly others.




Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body (Peggy Bright Books, 2017), 31000 words approx.



‘November 31st is World Peace Day’ (Dimension6 issue 11, 2017, available for free download here), 12000 words approx.


Short story:

‘Good Intentions’ (AntipodeanSF issue 232, 2017, available for free download here), 500 words approx. (Obviously, this is ‘flash fiction’ rather than a short story per se. I don’t think this undercuts any of the short story categories for the above awards, but it’s always wise to double-check.)

As always, my advice to any would-be nominators is to read widely and only nominate fiction for which you feel a nomination is genuinely merited. A diverse shortlist is a useful shortlist.





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