A cover reveal

21 02 2018

I’m a bit slow to get to this, but the SpecFicNZ Te Korero Ahi Ka anthology I mentioned last month is now out:


Here’s the TOC:

Ahi Ka (Eileen Mueller and A J Ponder)
On the Run (Kevin Berry)
Moa Love (Aaron Compton)
An Extract from the Diary of Peter Mackenzie (Daniel Stride)
Friend (Grant Stone)
Backchat (Mark English)
The Lost (Gregory Dally)
Gatekeeper, What Toll? (Mike Reeves-McMillan)
The Dragon’s Friend Inn (Serena Dawson)
The Big Bad Wolf (Kevin G Maclean)
Breach (Robinne Weiss)
Mother’s Milk (Dan Rabarts)
The Eye of the Beholder (Kevin G Maclean)
Somnium (Gregory Dally)
Dance, Tiny Particles, Dance (Sean Monaghan)
Earthcore: Initiation (Grace Bridges)
Mid-Life (Matt Cowens)
Her Grief in My Halls (Alan Baxter)
The Music of the Spheres (Debbie Cowens)
Diggers (Sally McLennan)
To the Centre of the Earth (Robinne Weiss)
Big Enough for Two (Piper Mejia)
Why I Hate Cake (Paul Mannering)
The Mysterious Mr Montague (Jane Percival)
The Nineveh (Mouse Diver-Dudfield)
What You Wish For (I K Paterson-Harkness)
Dancing West to East (Simon Petrie and Edwina Harvey)
Selfie (Lee Murray)
Wearing the Star Cloak (Darian Smith)
Te Hokianga Mai (The Return) (Marolyn Dudfield)
Magnetic North (I K Paterson-Harkness)
The Iron Wahine (Matt Cowens)



I haven’t yet sighted a physical copy (and likely won’t get to do so until the launch at Conclave 3 in Auckland, over the Easter long weekend), but it is already available online at Amazon (paperback and .mobi) and at various other sites including Apple and Kobo (.epub and maybe .mobi again), so if you’re interested, please check it out!




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