Updatery: Oct 2018 edition

3 10 2018

Conflux 14 has been and gone. It was a lot of fun to catch up with familiar faces, many of them from interstate (or from NZ), and to meet new ones. Traditionally, Conflux is something where I forget to do something that needs to be done, and this time around that was visiting the art show, which was just a short walk from my base in the dealer’s room but which I totally neglected to check out. Next time!

80K_TSP_cover MZE_cover_reduced

With Conflux over, it means both 80,000 Totally Secure Passwords That No Hacker Would Ever Guess and Murder on the Zenith Express have now been irretrievably released into the wild, and are available wherever omnipresent books are sold. 80,000 Totally Secure Passwords was launched at the con by the wonderful Craig Cormick: it’s always a major egoboo when a much better writer than oneself says such appreciative things about one at a launch, and the book seems to have been received well generally. Murder on the Zenith Express emerged with a little less fanfare, but did feature as one of a dozen books that were touted by their authors at the con’s Book Love Fest, a kind of speed-dating book-promotion thing, if that makes sense.

But the bookish star of the con was clearly the CSFG’s A Hand Of Knaves anthology (edited by Leife Shallcross and Chris Large, and with Shauna O’Meara’s cover artwork on display in the image below), which was launched on Sunday evening in a boisterous and brilliant event run by the boisterous and brilliant Rob Porteous and attended, if my calculations are correct, by around 70% of the antho’s contributors. As one of the behind-the-scenes forces producing the antho (slushwrangler and layout artist), as well as a contributor, it was great to see it get such well-earned attention.


In post-Conflux developments, there are a few events during the next month at which I may be encountered. First up, on Saturday 13th October, I’ll be endeavouring to sell books and badges (and perhaps a few creepy dolls) to innocent bystanders at the annual Impact Comics Festival in Garema Place, from 10 until 4.

A week later, which according to my Earth calendar would be Saurday 20th October, there’s a Gungahlin Town Festival intended, I believe, to celebrate the putative completion of work on the Gungahlin-to-Civic light rail connection (though the skeptical among us might suggest that such completion may not in fact be complete as of that date). In any event, I’ve been drafted into helping the excellent local bookstore Book Face with their participation in the festival; I’ll be signing books (and hopefully selling some) at the bookstore’s signing table, between 1 and 2 pm.


And on Saturday 3rd November, I’m participating in one of the panels during the Writing NSW science writing event Quantum Words, an exploration of  the interaction between science and culture. I’m chairing the noonday panel on ‘Writing the Universe’, alongside poet P S Cottier, Indigenous writer Cathy Craigie, and astronomer Fred Watson. For those interested, tickets for Quantum Words (which is an all-day festival) are available via the link above. Maybe I’ll see you at one of the above events!




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