Flight 404 / The Hunt for Red Leicester: Reviews

Reviewed at Adventures of a Bookonaut, by Sean the Bookonaut (Sean Wright):

Flight 404:   “I really enjoyed this story, felt that that the character was an honest and positive representation of a transgender person and I was captive to the mystery and story right until the end. More in this vein Mr Petrie please.”

The Hunt for Red Leicester:   “There’s a solid plot that the comedy hangs off and the puns are groan worthy. I loved it.  A perfect counterbalance to the heavier tale told in Flight 404.”


Reviewed on Goodreads, by Darusha Wehm:

Flight 404:   “A serious, rock solidly hard SF tale of fundamentalism, greed, space travel and authenticity.”

The Hunt for Red Leicester:   “This caper is a terrifically complex one, which had me guessing as to how it would possibly all play out for much of the story. Fun. Very fun.”


Reviewed at The Specusphere, by Damien Smith: “It is an interesting combination of two very different tales that demonstrate the author’s diverse talents.”

Flight 404:   “I really enjoyed the more “realistic” mood of the story … I was kept very firmly glued to the book until I reached the big reveal.”

The Hunt for Red Leicester:   “… plays out like an Agatha Christie tale as told by the cast of Blackadder.”


Reviewed at SF Crowsnest, by Kelly Jensen (Flight 404 only): “Simon Petrie’s writing style is a little different. I like the way he uses words. ‘Flight 404’ is easy to read and the construction of the plot, from Charmain’s arrival in the system to her discovery of what actually did happen to the Bougainvillea is logical and well-paced.”


Reviewed for Aurealis XPress, by Lachlan Huddy: “Don’t you just adore the small press in the digital age? Where and how else would it be possible to publish this delightfully slim and superbly incongruous volume, composed as it is of two very different novellas by Aussie spec-fic stalwart Simon Petrie?”

The Hunt for Red Leicester: “The plot is surprisingly solid and thoughtful for a tale so stuffed with puns (Lord Havmurthy, of Havmurthy Cheeses!) I’m surprised they kept the book so thin, and the characterisations are spot-on … this is such a breezy read it’s impossible to hold anything against it.”

Flight 404: “The science is gripping, the writing that of an author at the top of their game, the story full of rivets that drive in and don’t let go. It’s certainly Red Leicester’s opposite number, but it just might be even better.”


Reviewed at Tsana’s Reads and Reviews, by Tsana Dolichva (Flight 404 only, 4.5 star rating): “It was also nice to see non-trivial sociological issues — Charmain’s gender identity — tackled in a hard science fictional setting … Flight 404 was an excellent read and I highly recommend it to all fans of science fiction.”


For the full reviews, click on the links above.


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