Back-cover Quotes

“Simon has a knack for upending familiar SF & fantasy tropes to expose the absurdity beneath. Mix in some thoughtful, serious-minded speculations, and this collection is an eclectic, entertaining and often laugh-out-loud funny read.”

(Ian McHugh)


“Simon Petrie wears a number of hats in the Australian speculative fiction world. He is the wizard of weird, a surfer of the slipstream, and a frequent fancier of flash fiction. As a writer he’s not quite the clown prince and not quite the underdog, but a bastard marriage of many misunderstood creatures.
His fiction stretches from the ridiculous to the thought-provoking, and is always fun. Stories such as ‘Talking with Taniwha‘ have elements of Golden-Age SF, with scientific speculation, humanism in a frontier setting, and an original look at something which is truly Alien.
He effortlessly leaps between comedic and serious works, and in this volume you will find brilliant think-pieces such as ‘Downdraft‘ and ‘Sixes, Sevens‘ sandwiched innocuously between the darkly hilarious ‘Murder on the Zenith Express‘ and ‘Day of the Carrot‘. ‘Podcast‘ is a great little tale of angst, Peter Frampton, self-cannibalism and misunderstood AI.
Simon can never be accused of inflicting boredom with his writings. When he’s not blowing your mind with manic high-end concepts and Things That Should Not Be, these collected works will amuse the pants off you, and possibly hit you up for a smoke and some spare change.
Prepare to Unleash the Odd!”

(Jason Fischer)


“Twisted, funny and clever – although the sudoku puzzles were a mite too easy for my taste.”
“Reading ‘Rare Unsigned Copy’ is like dipping into a quality chocolate assortment. Best of all … no strawberry!”

(Simon Haynes)


“Simon Petrie’s debut collection of short stories is a rare mix of vital ingredients. It demonstrates not only Petrie’s astounding imagination, but also his firm grip on the craft of writing, and his mastery of the fine art of injecting just enough wry humour into his fiction so as to be hilarious but never overdone. Petrie’s work is not only reminiscent of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, it rivals the work of those great storytellers, whilst maintaining its own immensely strong and likeable signature style that is pure Petrie. Petrie’s collection has darkness and light; subtle secrets and blatant beauty; and worlds, characters, and events beyond the wildest imaginings of us mere mortals. This is laugh-out-loud and scream-out-loud stuff. An astounding debut collection of which I couldn’t get enough. More, more, more!”

(Felicity Dowker)


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