ASIM 35: Table of Contents


‘In The Kaladashi Fashion’ (Geoffrey Maloney)

‘Earth For Dummies’ (Lettie Prell)

‘Johnny Talley’ (John Plunket)

‘The Spirit and the Slave’ (Stuart Barrow)

‘The Jackal’s Waltz’ (Douglas A Van Belle)

‘Dragon Feasts’ (Aliette de Bodard)

‘Devil’s Pet’ (Katherine Woodbury)

‘The Bigglio-Muller Experiments’ (Lawrence Buentello)

‘Interchange’ (Emma-Jean Stewart)



Sydney Harbour, 1942 (Helen Patrice)



‘Time for Tom Rynosseros: an Interview with Terry Dowling’ (Edwina Harvey)

‘Dial M For Matter: an Interview with Iain M Banks’ (Simon Petrie)



The cover art for this issue, ‘Fridge Magnet’ by Tom Godfrey, depicting a scene from Lettie Prell’s story, is available as a fine art print on the Redbubble site.

‘In The Kaladashi Fashion’ and ‘The Spirit and The Slave’ were featured on the Australian Specfic in Focus Recommended Reading List for 2008.

‘The Jackal’s Waltz’ was shortlisted in the ‘Best Novella / Novelette’ category of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for 2008.

‘In The Kaladashi Fashion’ and ‘The Jackal’s Waltz’ were also reprinted in the pdf-only anthology, The Best of ASIM Volume 2: Science Fiction (2010).


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