ASIM 54: Table of Contents


‘The Day The Iguana Stood Still’ (Robert P Switzer)

‘The Earth Spirit’s Favourite Anecdote’ (Zen Cho)

‘Petting the Tiger’ (Tamlyn Dreaver)

‘HG’ (Edwina Harvey)

‘Going Fourth’ (Kent Purvis)

‘On Carbon Wings’ (Sarah Frost)

‘Midwinter Night’ (Sue Bursztynski)

‘The Fox’s Child’ (Nike Sulway)

‘Modern Love’ (M Darusha Wehm)

‘Server Issues’ (Alter S Reiss)

‘Durak’ (Anatoly Belilovsky)

‘The Mad Scientist’s Beautiful Daughter’ (Nicole M Taylor)

‘Lex Talionis’ (Belinda Crawford)

‘Head Shot’ (Dirk Flinthart)

‘Roasted’ (Rob Porteous)

‘The Iron Lighthouse’ (C A L)



‘baby cosmos’ (Scott Virtes)

‘Starry Night’ (David Luntz)



‘Nine Lines: A Nail Clipping from the Hitchhiker’s Thumb?’ (Jacob Edwards)

‘An Interview with Brenda Cooper’ (Edwina Harvey)


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