Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear: Reviews

Reviewed at Australian Specfic in Focus, by Tehani Wessely:

“In all, Light Touch Paper Stand Clear definitely has a good strike rate of stories … This collection is a fine example of what a very loosely themed anthology can look like. Recommended.”


Reviewed at Adventures of a Bookonaut, by Sean the Bookonaut (Sean Wright):

“A diverse collection  with something for everyone  means that it may not be seen as outstanding by any particular readership.  My impression is that it holds its own … it is a collection you could revisit  and  find joy in,  depending on changing mood or taste.  There’s not a piece that I think is padding in other words. ”


Reviewed at SF Crowsnest, by Rod MacDonald:

“… this baker’s dozen has got plenty of substance to its dough and the stories are all readily digestible.”


Reviewed at Vilutheril Reviews, by ‘Vilutheril’ (Michelle Goldsmith):

“An eclectic collection containing stories from a variety of Australian and international authors, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear is an engaging body of work that contains a number of excellent stories, quite a few memorable ones, and should have something to suit almost anyone.”


Reviewed at Aurealis XPress, by Lachlan Huddy:

“If anybody you know gets going about the dearth of quality Australian spec-fic being published at home, you needn’t counter with words; just point them toward this smashing collection of shorts … Read this. That is all.”


Reviewed at A Fantastical Librarian, by ‘Mieneke’:

“Harvey and Petrie achieve what they set out to do: compile an anthology that would make the reader sit up and pay attention, to delight and surprise them as much as a fireworks show might. This collection of stories is a delightful surprise …”


For the full reviews, click on the links above.


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30 11 2012
A little housekeeping « Simon Petrie

[…] I’ve posted links to a couple of new reviews to the ‘Flight 404′ / ‘The Hunt for Red Leicester’ novella double, here, and to the various recent reviews of the ‘Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear’ anthology, here. […]

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