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Kris Ashton: ‘The Midway Hotel’
Daniel Baker: ‘Stories in the Square’
Alan Baxter: ‘Quantum Echoes’
Adam Browne: ‘Animal the Colour of Waiting’
David Coleman: ‘Gambler’s Blues’
Craig Cormick: ‘Ned Kelly and the Zombies’
Elizabeth Fitzgerald: ‘Phoenix Down’
Ross Hamilton: ‘When Money Talks’
Richard Harland: ‘Here’s Glory For You’
Edwina Harvey: ‘Next, cried the Faun’
Rik Lagarto: ‘The Wild Hunt’
Chris Large: ‘Girl Finds Key’
Martin Livings: ‘Cause and Effect’
Tracie McBride: ‘Wooden Heart’
Chris McGrane: ‘The Cat and his Zombies’
Ian McHugh: ‘Vandiemensland’
Claire McKenna: ‘The Ninety Two’
Shauna O’Meara: ‘The Dream Tracker’
Robert Phillips: ‘A Dream of Something More’
Gillian Polack: ‘Someone’s Daughter’
Angela Rega: ‘Almost Beautiful’
Nicky Rowlands: ‘On the Wall’
Leife Shallcross: ‘A Little Warning’
Daniel Simpson: ‘Those Days’
Steve Simpson: ‘The Electrician and the Circus’
Helen Stubbs: ‘Casino Five’
David Versace: ‘Imported Goods—Aisle Nine’
Janeen Webb: ‘Hell is Where the Heart Is’
Catherine Whittle: ‘The Room’
Suzanne Willis: ‘Of Starfish Tides’


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