Online Fiction

Flash-fiction snippets posted as a contribution to the 2010 NZ Spec Fic Blogging Week:

1. @BearHouse (13 September)

2. SAVE THE TANIWHA! (14 September)

3. Thar She Blows! (15 September)

4. ‘New’ as in Moon, Perhaps (16 September)

5. Gift Horse (17 September)

6. Not So Much Fly, As … (17 September)

7. My Grimoire and Your Grimoire, Sittin’ By the Fire (18 September)

8. Real Deal (19 September)


CREVjack (originally published in Difficult Second Album, 2014)

Downdraft (originally published in Sybil’s Garage issue 6, 2009)

Single Handed (originally published in Kaleidotrope issue 6, 2009)

Dragonblog (featured on Anna Tambour‘s Virtuous Medlar Cicle; originally published in ASIM 33, 2008)

Next! (published in Antipodean SF issue 142, April 2010)

The Fridge Whisperer (in Semaphore Magazine, March 2010 – download size 367 KB)

The Day of the Carrot (in Ticon4, February 2010)

Writeoff (in Eclecticism issue 7, 2009 – download size 5.6 MB)

How Postosuchus kirkpatricki, Arguably The Most Brutal, Vicious, And Ruthless Ambush Predator To Have Ever Walked The Earth (I Mean, Check Out Those Teeth!) Was Inadvertently Reincarnated As The Hindbrain Of Mr. Gregory Q. Whimple, A Mild-Mannered Complaints Officer With The Small Croydon-Based Electronics And Household Appliance Firm Of Bettavolt Industries, Ltd. (originally published in Murky Depths issue 9, 2009)

Cruisy (in Ticon4, November 2012)


Several other links to my stories online can be found in the Table of Contents to Rare Unsigned Copy, here.

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