A partial, partisan list of Ditmar-eligible stories (and SJV too)

19 02 2013

The following stories* are those I’ve edited last year (in most cases, for Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear with Edwina Harvey, or for ASIM 54):

Ditmar-eligible stories (online nomination form here):

Joanne Anderton, ‘The Bone Chime Song’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Adam Browne, ‘The D____d’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Sue Bursztynski, ‘Midwinter Night’ (short story, ASIM 54)
Sue Bursztynski, ‘Five Ways to Start a War’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
C A L, ‘The Iron Lighthouse’ (short story, ASIM 54)
Belinda Crawford, ‘Lex Talionis’ (short story, ASIM 54)
Katherine Cummings, ‘The Travelling Salesman and the Farmer’s Daughter’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Tamlyn Dreaver, ‘Petting the Tiger’ (short story, ASIM 54)
Thoraiya Dyer, ‘Faet’s Fire’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Jacob Edwards, ‘Yet Another Kill Hitler Story’ (short story, ASIM 56)
Dirk Flinthart, ‘Head Shot’ (short story, ASIM 54)
Edwina Harvey, ‘HG’ (novelette, ASIM 54)
Kathleen Jennings, ‘Kindling’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Dave Luckett, ‘History: Theory and Practice’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Ian McHugh, ‘The Godbreaker and Unggubudh the Mountain’ (short story novelette, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Sean McMullen, ‘Hard Cases’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Robert Porteous, ‘Roasted’ (short story, ASIM 54)
Robert Porteous, ‘The Subjunctive Case’ (novelette, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Kent Purvis, ‘Going Fourth’ (short story, ASIM 54)
Nigel Read, ‘The Bridge’ (novelette, ASIM 56)
Nike Sulway, ‘The Fox’s Child’ (short story,ASIM 54)
Anna Tambour, ‘Murder at the Tip’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)

Other Ditmar-eligible stuff:

‘Nine Lines: A Nail Clipping from the Hitchhiker’s Thumb?’, Jacob Edwards’ speculations on a possible ‘lost and found’ fragment attributed to Douglas Adams, in ASIM 54
Greg Hughes’ and Kathleen Jennings’ internal illustrations for ASIM 56
Lewis Morley’s illustrations (front cover and all internals) for ASIM 54
Lewis Morley’s front cover illustrations (novella double: two front covers, one with artfully-incorporated barcode) for Flight 404 / The Hunt for Red Leicester
Nick Stathopoulos’ front cover illustration (the birthday cake) for the tenth-anniversary issue, ASIM 56

Sir Julius Vogel-eligible stories (details for email nomination process here):

Ripley Patton, ‘Mary Had a Unicorn’ (short story, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear)
Ripley Patton, Ghost Hand (YA novel)** (Ripley has informed me that she’s no longer eligible for the SJVs)
Dan Rabarts, ‘Paint By Numbers’ (short story, ASIM 55)
Grant Stone, ‘Better Phones’ (short story, ASIM 56)
M Darusha Wehm, ‘Modern Love’ (short story, ASIM 54)

Finally, it would be churlish not to point out that my own stories from last year are eligible for both the Ditmars and the SJVs:

The Man Who …‘ (short story, Redstone SF)
‘Sky Pie’ (short story, Jupiter Magazine)
Cruisy‘ (short story, Ticon4)
A Night to Remember‘ (novelette written in extreme haste for the SpecFicNZ blogging week, and hosted as a serial on various SpecFicNZ members’ websites and blogs)
‘The Hunt for Red Leicester’
and ‘Flight 404’ (two novellas, published by Peggy Bright Books)

If any of the above have tickled your fancy, have moved you, or have stuck in your craw (in a good way), please nominate them.


* And some non-stories as well–nonfic and artwork–because such things are also worthy of awards

** OK, I didn’t edit that one, but I did do the e-book layout for it