In other matters arising

7 04 2015

Life goes on, even in the midst of a Hugo nominations maelstrom, and here in the Antipodes, the synchronised Australian and NZ natcons — neither of which I was able to attend — have seen the parcelling out of Ditmar, Sir Julius Vogel, and other awards, under considerably less contentious circumstances than have attended the Hugo noms.  The Ditmar summary can be seen here, and the SJVs here. (Yes, I know the ‘Ditmar’ link isn’t to an official results page, but it’s a source I trust, in the apparent absence of the official page at this time.)

Hearty congratulations to all the winners — I’m especially pleased to see, on the NZ side, SJVs go to Paul Mannering for his marvellously daffy novel Engines of Empathy (thoroughly recommended), to Lee Murray for her short story ‘Inside Ferndale’, and to A J Fitzwater for her well-deserved Best New Talent award. (A J has a novella — the cover story, in fact, in the upcoming ASIM 61, which has been upcoming for so long that I’m sure it’s starting to seem like the Cathedral of Chalesm. But the issue is, honestly, almost complete …) And there’s a long list of good names on the Ditmar sheet as well, but I’d like to single out the hardworking and multi-talented Donna Maree Hanson who has claimed the A Bertram Chandler award this year.


A couple of quick snippets of updatery

5 07 2013


1. Reader, you may recollect as how in a recent post I mentioned a competition being run by Donna Hanson, to give away a copy of her Rayessa and the Space Pirates e-book novella?

Well. It appears as how I have, quite inadvertently, gone and won that very competition. Which, on one level is terrific … but, since I already have a copy of the e-book (given to me as a review copy: you can read the review here), this means I now have a spare. So I’m donating my prize. If you want to be in it to win it, leave a comment with sufficient identifying detail to convince me you’re not a spammer, and, through an appropriate dice-or-coin-based randomisation technique, I will select a winner. (I believe the e-book is available in both epub and mobi formats, but if that turns out not to be the case, I’ll edit this.)

So as to produce a quick result, I’ll close the competition at 11.59 pm (AEST) on Saturday the 6th of July. (That’s approximately 27 hours from now, for a given value of ‘now’ that probably bears no relation to the ‘now’ you’re currently experiencing.) So don’t delay!

UPDATE: The competition has now closed. The winner is Cat Sheely, who has been notified of her good fortune. [The result was decided on the basis of three coin tosses (envisaging each pair of contestants in a ‘pool match’); a single d6 roll would have sufficed, but my bag of dice were not where I thought they would be. For reference, the coin employed was a 2009 Australian $2 coin.]



2. And the suggestion of ‘don’t delay’ allows me to segue seamlessly into a last-minute reminder for anyone who’s a member of SFFANZ, or who is attending Au Contraire 2013, to get their votes in for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. Email votes are still accepted until July 10th (as are postal votes, but it’d be a close-run thing to be snailmailing it now); votes at the convention close on July 12th. And there’s a lot of good stuff on the ballot. (The link details the methods available for voting.) If you’re eligible to vote, please do so, whatever you decide to vote for.

You may be labouring …

4 06 2013

… under the misapprehension that this site has, of late, been degenerating into nothing more than a repository for spam poetry, a perception which, it must be conceded, is understandable in the circumstances. It seems appropriate to take steps to redress this imbalance, and to that end I have for your edification and delectation some actual content, free of versificatory distraction.

I’ve uploaded a couple of my recent book reviews, first aired in the current issue of ASIM, onto my book-review page: Phillip Mann’s The Disestablishment of Paradise and Donna Maree Hanson’s Rayessa and the Space Pirates.


I’ve been meaning to upload these for a while, but there’s now an added reason for doing so. The Rayessa review allows me to seamlessly segue into an announcement that Donna is currently holding a competition (open worldwide, so far as I know) to give away a copy of the Rayessa e-book to the person who comes up with the catchiest, most apposite, or funniest space pirate name. (You’re asked also to come up with a couple of defining characteristics of said pirate, if possible). The competition runs until Monday 17th June (which I guess may, in certain time zones, arrive on Sunday 16th of June) and you can find the competition details here. I can recommend the novella–it’s a fun, bubbly read–and the competition sounds like it could be fun also. So, first in best dressed …