A spot of signal-boostification

15 11 2016
The powers-that-be at Peggy Bright Books have alerted me to the following, which I’m passing on for your edification and delectation:
Peggy Bright Books is having a November E-book Giveaway and Summer sale!
We have 5 e-copies of our latest titles, Walking by Sean O’Leary, and The Tame Animals of Saturn by Adam Browne to give away.

To enter the draw, just send an email to editor@peggybrightbooks.com stating which title you’d prefer, and what format. Both
Walking and The Tame Animals of Saturn are available in mobi, epub and PDF versions. (NB: due to the large number of illustrations in TAOS, these are large files: 2MB–7MB).

Entries close 25th November, 2016.

Our two anthologies, Light Touch Paper Stand Clear (featuring stories from Joanne Anderton, Adam Browne, Sue Bursztynski, Brenda Cooper, Katherine Cummings, Thoraiya Dyer, Kathleen Jennings, Dave Luckett, Ian McHugh, Sean McMullen, Ripley Patton, Rob Porteous, and Anna Tambour) and Use Only As Directed (stories by Stephen Dedman, Dirk Flinthart, Dave Freer, Michelle Goldsmith, Alex Isle, Lyn McConchie, Claire McKenna, Charlotte Nash, Ian Nichols, Leife Shallcross, Grant Stone, Douglas A Van Belle, Janeen Webb, and M Darusha Wehm), are only $AUD15 each (including postage within Australia) until 23rd December.
Support Australian small press and get yourself a bargain!

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of impending publication …

28 04 2014

Without further ado, an announcement.

Use Only As Directed, an anthology of original speculative fiction edited by Simon Petrie and Edwina Harvey, and published by Peggy Bright Books, will launch at Continuum X, in Melbourne, June 6-9. Here’s the lineup:

‘Large Friendly Letters’ — Stephen Dedman
‘The Eighth Day’ — Dirk Flinthart
‘Never More’ — Dave Freer
‘The Climbing Tree’ — Michelle Goldsmith
‘The Kind Neighbours of Hell’ — Alex Isle
‘Fetch Me Down My Gun’ — Lyn McConchie
‘Yard’ — Claire McKenna
‘Dellinger’ — Charlotte Nash
‘Mister Lucky’ — Ian Nichols
‘The Blue Djinn’s Wish’ — Leife Shallcross
‘Always Falling Up’ — Grant Stone
‘Uncle Darwin’s Bazooka’ — Douglas A Van Belle
‘Future Perfect’ — Janeen Webb
‘Home Sick’ — M Darusha Wehm

The anthology, which may be considered a sister publication, of sorts, to 2012’s Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, will be available in print and e-formats. Further details, such as a glimpse of the Lewis Morley cover art, and the all-important pricing and how-to-purchase information, will follow in the coming days.

A quick spruik …

26 01 2014

… which I’ve been slow to get to.

I’ll just pass this on, on behalf of Liz Bright:

“For the Australia Day weekend Peggy Bright Books (www.peggybrightbooks.com) is running a special!

Buy e-copies of Flight 404, The Gordon Mamon Casebook, and Rare Unsigned Copy (all by Simon Petrie) and The Whale’s Tale by Edwina Harvey for just $1.99 each. E-copies of our anthology, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, only $2.99 Email Liz (editor@peggybrightbooks.com) for payment details, This special is NOT available through our website.”

(And an explanatory note, to anyone sensibly querying the relevance of posting details of a weekend sale on a Sunday evening: the Australia Day weekend also encompasses Monday January 27th, so there is still something like 27 hours of sale time remaining, at time of posting.)

A quick spruik, with electronic bonus offerings

30 11 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything of substance to report … or perhaps it would be more accurate to say it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to report anything of substance, for what with one thing and another, I have been as planar as a drinking lizard of late. This time-poverty still persists, so I’ll restrict myself to a couple of pertinent and pithy announcements.

Spruik commences:


1. The Baby Teeth: Bite-Sized Tales of Terror anthology, edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray and with contributions from many of the leading lights of NZ speculative fiction, is now available in paperback and e-book formats from Marie Henderson’s Paper Road Press. I’ve only had the time, thus far — see above — to dip into a couple of these morsels, but it has all the hallmarks of an excellent set of stories, and all proceeds from sales of the book are going to the Duffy Books in Homes charity (a NZ effort to boost reading among children), so it also has ‘good cause’ stamped all over it. [My understanding is that, although the only purchase option on the website is ‘paperback’ at $NZD25 plus postage, if you buy the hard-copy you also get the electronic versions thrown in.]


2. Speaking of ‘buy the hard-copy, get the electronic versions for free’, Liz Bright of Peggy Bright Books has announced a pre-holiday special deal: purchase any of The Whale’s Tale, Rare Unsigned Copy, or Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear from the PBB website (priced from $AUD19.95 to $AUD26.95, including postage within Australia), and you’ll also receive a bonus CD featuring e-book versions (in pdf, epub and mobi) of the entire PBB catalogue (ie including also The Gordon Mamon Casebook and Flight 404). It would be, I would dare to suggest, a means by which one might acquire two stocking-fillers for the price of one … The deal runs out on December 23rd, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to act before then.

As is customary in such situations, if you believe either of the above may be of interest to those around you, please let them know. Spruik done.

A (belated) World Fantasy Award shortlisting spruik

18 08 2013

In the weeks since my most recent tilt at a signal-boost, a few things have happened which deserve a signal boost. In the normal run of things, I’d do a combined signal-boosty type of post with something dangerously resembling dot points, but I’m inclined to believe that the current set of items probably require separate short posts, and so that is what I’ve ordained.

First, as of a few days ago, several of my friends have cleverly succeeded in landing on the WFA ballot. Best of luck to Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear authors Anna Tambour (in the ‘Best Novel’ category, with Crandolin) and Kathleen Jennings (in the ‘Best Artist’ category) and to fellow CSFGer Kaaron Warren (in the ‘Best Novella’ category, with her already-multi-award-winning Sky).

The SJV ballot has been announced

23 04 2013

The ballot for this year’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards has been announced.


I’m tickled pink to see two stories from ASIM on it, in the Best Short Story category:

“Hope is the thing with feathers”, Lee Murray, Royal Society of New Zealand

“Dying for the Record”, A. J. Ponder,  Arc/ The Tomorrow Paper

“Paint By Numbers”, Dan Rabarts,  Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, issue 55

“Wearing the Star Cloak”, Darian Smith, Wily Writers audible fiction

“Better Phones”, Grant Stone, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, issue 56


And the Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear artwork gets a look-in, in the Best Artwork category:

Les Petersen, for the Cover of Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear (Edited by Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie), Peggy Bright Books

Matt Cowens, for the Cover for Steam Pressed Shorts (by Matt and Debbie Cowens), Steam Press


And the line-up for the Best Novella / Novelette category is:

Flight 404, Simon Petrie, Peggy Bright Books (Appears in Flight 404/The Hunt for Red Leicester)

Fire, Escape, M. Darusha Wehm, Self Published (http://darusha.ca/stories/fire-escape-sample/)

The Hunt for Red Leicester, Simon Petrie, Peggy Bright Books (Appears in Flight 404/The Hunt for Red Leicester)


If you use the link at the top of the post, there are links to much of the content. I haven’t included these for brevity (and a lack of time right now), but those interested in making an informed choice (and if you’re eligible to vote, this should be you) are encouraged to check them out. I’m honoured to be up against Darusha, I’m impressed with the number of contributions from SpecFicNZ members, and I wish everyone nominated the very best of luck.

The Chronos Ballot, and a free Light Touch Paper sampler

16 04 2013

… is now out. (If you’re wondering, the Chronos Awards are the annual fan-based awards for speculative fiction perpetrated by Victorians.)

You can see the ballot in its full undiluted glory here, but I’ll excerpt the ‘Best Short Fiction‘ category:

“Five Ways to Start a War” by Sue Bursztynski in Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, edited by Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie (Peggy Bright Books)

“The Mornington Ride” by Jason Nahrung in Epilogue, edited by Tehani Wessely (FableCroft Publishing)

“Nematalien” by LynC in The Narratorium, edited by David Grigg

“Fireflies” by Steve Cameron in Epilogue (FableCroft Publishing)

“The D____d” by Adam Browne in Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, edited by Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie (Peggy Bright Books)


Congratulations Adam and Sue on some very well-deserved recognition! (And it should be acknowledged that it’s a very strong list overall.) I wish all of the contenders the best of luck.


And I’ve belatedly remembered that Peggy Bright Books currently has a free Light Touch Paper sampler available for download from its website, connected with the antho’s status as a Ditmar contender (possibly of additional relevance now that there are stories in contention for the Chronos awards too).