Two signals, boosting now …

10 03 2013

For one of them I did the e-book formatting. One of them I proofread. Both of them deserve your attention.

Friend and fellow CSFG member Nicole Murphy, to whom I apparently still owe a dinosaur zombie romance story (don’t ask), initiated a project last year which would see one neophyte writer each month put through his/her paces. Each month, Nicole would select one unpublished writer’s story for workshopping, editing, brainstorming, and polishing until said story shone, in a kind of speculative fiction ‘boot camp’ in which Nicole took the part of the gruff-voiced and stern drill sergeant. (It sounds intensive, and I believe it was; I’m only sorry that Nicole didn’t have the foresight to televise the process.)


The results of this mentoring are now available for all to see, in an anthology named In Fabula-divino, edited by Nicole and containing the eight stories put through the Murphy spec-fic boot camp. The featured stories, refreshing and various, are by first-time authors are Lily Ariser, A E Decker, Janett L Grady, Holly Kench, P J Keunig, S G Larner, Tony Owens, and J W Patterson. Oh, and there are also stories by decided non-neophytes Kevin J Anderson & Rebecca Moestra, Trudi Canavan, Angela Slatter, and Kaaron Warren.  The cover is by the multitalented Shauna O’Meara, the proofreading was by mumble mumble*, and the book is currently available in all manner of e-versions at Smashwords, for just $USD2.99.

But wait, there’s more!


Friend and fellow former citizen of Christchurch Ripley Patton, who contributed the wonderful ‘Mary Had a Unicorn’ to the Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear anthology (which has so recently ceased to be free to download from Amazon)–and whose debut novel Ghost Hand, also available on Amazon, is also well worth acquiring–has an e-story newly up for sale. Ripley’s ‘Over the Rim‘ explores a teen’s bereavement, the mysterious depths of a Hawaiian crater, and a dog who can’t or won’t read warning signs. It’s a taut and tense YA novella that first saw light in issue 42 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, edited by Edwina Harvey.  I did the e-booking for it, the story features an exquisite cover design by Kyra Carpenter (actually, this is its second cover, in a way: the cover of ASIM 42 depicted a scene from the story, and earned artist Lewis Morley a well-designed Ditmar award), and it’s yours to download from Amazon for just $USD0.99.



* (Actually, the proofreading was a joint effort, for which I should not claim all the credit. But I read enough of it that any missed errors are probably down to me.)