Matters Arising from the identification of a book launch

22 05 2017

A few weeks back, I foreshadowed the upcoming book launch for Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body. I now have substantive details of said book launch, so without further ado:


The launch is scheduled for 7 pm (AEST) on Friday 9th June, at Continuum 13, which is being held at the Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000. Entry to the convention for the Friday night only is at a special reduced rate of (a) a gold-coin donation or (b) $5, whichever one of these options turns out to be correct (and I’ve seen both listed in various places on the convention website, which I suspect means option (b) is the correct one and parts of last year’s site haven’t been adjusted). The launch is to be held, I’m given to understand, in the ‘Haunted House’ room. There will be nibbles, and beverages, but hopefully no poltergeists.


It’s a dual launch: the other book on offer is Edwina Harvey’s An Eclectic Collection of Stuff and Things (also newly published by Peggy Bright Books) a wonderful mixture of short speculative fiction ranging all the way from children’s stories to some decidedly adult content, with lots of stuff (and, indeed, the occasional ‘thing’) in between.

I’m thrilled to say that Master-of-Ceremonies for the launch will be Ion Newcombe, the long-serving editor of the Antipodean SF flash fiction webzine. The launch will be, in some respects, a reunion. ‘Newk’ has published a good many stories by both Edwina and myself over the years: my first speculative fiction publication, almost exactly ten years ago, was in Antipodean SF‘s 108th issue, while Edwina’s involvement with the zine goes all the way back to its very first issue in 1998 (and several of her Antipodean stories have made it into the collection—I’m hoping she’ll read ‘Where The Last Humans Went’, the latest such offering, at the launch).

So, a book launch. Now all we need, I suppose, are the books …

Matters Arising in the upcoming launch of a new title

30 04 2017

She took her helmet off.

That’s where it starts; that’s where it ends. That’s all there is.


Those are the opening sentences of my SF / mystery novella, Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body, which is scheduled to be released by Peggy Bright Books in June, and which will be launched alongside Edwina Harvey’s An Eclectic Collection of Stuff and Things at Continuum 13, in Melbourne, over the June long weekend. The cover artwork shown above is by Lewis Morley, who’s done an excellent job, I think, in conveying a brooding Titanian setting.

Further details, as the saying goes, to follow.

For the second time in a week …

7 10 2016

… I have a new story out. (It’s also the second time in a year, but that’s another matter.)


This time it’s in Dimension6, coeur de lion’s flagship speculative fiction e-zine, edited, as it says on the tin, by Keith Stevenson. ‘All the Colours of the Tomato’, my xenoecology novelette (which, by some measures, was over two decades in the writing), is in the company of wonderful stories by Zoë Harland and Barry Charman.

I tend to think fondly of all my stories (at least at first), but this one’s particularly dear to me.

The ezine is free to download in both epub and mobi formats, so what are you waiting for?

Some actual non-review content, for once

2 10 2016

My flash-fiction snippet ‘Jumping to Conclusions‘ is out now, free online, in AntipodeanSF‘s issue 219, edited by the tireless Ion Newcombe.

Just like the census, only different

9 08 2016

It’s Census Night here in Australia, and all over the nation, people are painstakingly swearing at their computers.

But I want to bring something else to your attention. The 2016 Australian SF Snapshot—which you can think of as a bit like a census, only with more questions about worldbuilding, goat-gaggers, and upcoming publications—is in full swing, and (thanks to the tireless Tsana Dolichva) I’ve been interviewed for it. You can read my interview here. (And, of course, there are lots of other interviews up there also, with more being added over the next week or so. Check them out!)