Updatery, updated

18 10 2018

A couple of weeks back, I backgrounded recent and upcoming happenings in my orbit. It seems both apposite and timely to provide a short update on this…

First, as foreshadowed in the previous notice, I’ll be signing and selling books at BookFace in Gungahlin, from 1 to 2 pm this Saturday (20th Oct). Or more reliably, I should say I’ll be seated at a signing table during that time; whether there’s any signing or selling is in the hands of the customers. If you’re in a position to drop by during the appointed hour, whether to chat, to peruse, or to purchase, you’d be most welcome.


One of the books I’ll have at the signing is 80,000 Totally Secure Passwords That No Hacker Would Ever Guess (as recently reviewed by the ever-perspicacious Tsana Dolichva: the grab from her reading of the collection is ‘there’s much to enjoy here’, but I’d encourage you, as always, to check out the full review). 80K TSP (one of the disadvantages, of course, of giving a book a long title is that it’s a long title) is also featured among many other low-priced Australian specfic offerings in Ashley Capes’ imminent Oztober promotion, which runs from the 19th to the 21st of October (hence, I’m guessing, the promotion’s name). There’s enough specfic on offer to constitute the perfect ebook TBR pile, so give Oztober a look, here. (Link may not yet be active; if not, I’ll edit for activity as it comes onstream.)


7 09 2018

In somewhat-arbitrary numerical order:

(1) Final cover art for the CSFG’s latest anthology, A Hand of Knaves (edited by Leife Shallcross and Chris Large, and scheduled for release at the end of this month) has now been unveiled:


The cover art is by Shauna O’Meara, who’s also provided some exquisite internal art for the antho.

(2) The programming for Conflux 14 (29 Sept—1 Oct) has now been announced. I’ll be most often found in the dealers’ room, seeking to remuneratively downsize my collection of self-penned print artefacts, but on Sunday 30th there are several other demands on my time:

9.30 am (Panel): The Unconventional Hero’s Journey, with Abigail Nathan, Gillian Polack, Rob Porteous and Dave Versace

12.45 pm (Book launch): my new collection 80,000 Totally Secure Passwords That No Hacker Would Ever Guess, to be launched by Craig Cormick

2.30 pm (Panel): Holy Shark Repellent, Batman (the gadgets and resources for the wannabe hero), with Alistair Ott

5.45 pm (Book launch): A Hand of Knaves (see item (1) above), featuring a cast of thousands, or at least several

(3) A recent story acceptance: my insidious little flash piece, ‘Silverware’, has been picked up by Ion Newcombe at AntipodeanSF. It’ll be appearing in AntiSF‘s November issue, which curiously enough is due out in November. Ion has informed me that it’s my twenty-third piece of fiction in AntiSF

(4) A recent review with a long backstory: Back in 2010, in the wake of Rare Unsigned Copy‘s release, I ran a competition offering a free copy of the book to the entrant with the most noteworthy Google namesakes. The competition was won by Nicholas White, who posted a review of RUC within the past week.

(5) There are a couple of events scheduled for the month or so after Conflux, but I’ll post details on those another time.