A reappraisal

30 11 2018

Last year, alongside the release of Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body, my Guerline Scarfe SF / murder mystery novella, I somewhat rashly promised, within the confines of said book and alongside a first-chapter teaser, that a sequel would be appearing this year. That, alas, won’t be happening.


In essence, I realised quite far into the writing of said sequel (which somewhat ironically has always been called A Reappraisal of the Circumstances Resulting in Death) that the new SF / murder mystery I’d outlined didn’t really cut it: it didn’t resonate the way I’d hoped it would. So I scrapped it, stripped the story back to basics, and have had it sitting up on blocks for the past year or so while I sought to find the keys to its salvage. On this front there has been, recently, significant progress.

A Reappraisal of the Circumstances Resulting in Death is currently over 16,000 words, up from just 6,000 a week ago. There’s far to go, yet; it’s not yet half written, even in first draft. But I’m pleased at what is coalescing. The first-chapter teaser is still canonical, and should remain so. And steam is up.

7 Line Challenge

13 02 2013

Another tout-your-text meme, but this one’s a bit less involved than the Next Big Thing meme.

The recipe:

1. Go to page 7 (or page 77, if 7 proves uninspiring; or, I suppose, if it’s a particularly hefty MS, page 777) of your Work-In-Progress

2. Go 7 lines down from the top of the page

3. Cut and paste the next 7 lines of text

4. Tag 7 friends, colleagues, partners-in-crime to propagate the meme outwards. (I can see this rapidly descending into chain-letter anarchy as these things do, but let’s see how we go, shall we?)

I was tagged into this by the uber-talented Leife Shallcross who, when she isn’t slushwrangling for the upcoming CSFG anthology, leaving incriminating fragments of squidporn stories in the ‘out’ tray of her printer, or painting innocent and unsuspecting dogs turquoise, is a marvellous fantasist with a flair for fairy tales.

OK, here goes. The WIP I’ve used is my brand new, half-written SF story, ‘Titan Rain’. The extract that results from the algorithm isn’t particularly revealing, but hopefully it tantalises:

Guillaume reached out a hand, pressed it against her forearm. “But I was going to show you—”

“Gamma,” she responded, in tones that suggested he must be lacking all poetry in his soul to even think of protesting, “it’s raining.”

He gave the umber-soaked vista the barest of glances. “Yes. But it’ll keep this up for weeks now, if not a month or more. You’re not going to miss it.”

She gave a theatrical sigh. “Very well. What do you have to show me?”

“This.” He pulled a slate from the valise by his feet, placed it on the table between them, and activated it. It flared into radiant life.

As to the seven subsequent participants mentioned in step (4), the ledger is currently blank. If you want to be tagged, comment here or message me, and I’ll update the post as appropriate, and link to your site when you’re done.