A couple of corrections, and lists

28 02 2013

I’ve made a couple of corrections to my earlier post identifying Ditmar- and SJV-eligible content that I’ve edited.

And while we’re on the awards eligibility bandwagon, the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (of which I’m a member) has compiled a listing of eligible contributions by members. David Versace (‘Lexicofabricographer’, also a CSFG member) has made some recommendations. And Mark Webb has begun compiling a list of others’ lists of Ditmar suggestions and recommendations: I’m hoping Mark will continue to update this, because the more info available to nominators, the better. (Which has got me wondering, now: does the scope of Mark’s round-up lead him to list lists of lists, such as this very post, or just lists?)

Of course, the grandaddy of all eligible-material lists is the Ditmar wiki version which, while it may not have everything, remains the best one-stop shop for completionists …





One response

3 03 2013
Round up of Ditmar posts | markwebb.name

[…] Petrie has also posted a list of other lists related to the Ditmars, which includes a link to this list. As well as other lists. Which I think […]

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